'Masters of Illusion' star does dazzling tricks on TODAY 
You have to see it to believe it: Award-winning illusionist Greg Frewin, featured on the TV series "Masters of Illusion," visits Studio 1A to dazzle the TODAY anchors with some amazing live illusions, leaving them suitably impressed.

 Frewin joins magical show Masters of Illusion 
By John Law, Niagara Falls Review
Wednesday, July 22, 2015
Niagara Falls magician Greg Frewin appears in multiple episodes of Masters of Illusion this season.


Greg Frewin is currently ranked as “The International Grand Champion of Magic,” having won every major award offered within the magic community. He has placed first in numerous magic competitions including the International Brotherhood of Magicians, the Society of American Magicians, the Canadian Association of Magicians and the Federation Internationale Society of Magique—widely regarded as the Olympics of magic. His winning streak recently culminated with his 2009 win of the “Magician of the Year” award at the World Magic awards, effectively ranking him as the world’s top illusionist.

In his fifteen-year professional career Frewin has performed live all over the world, from Japan to Monte Carlo, cruise ships on the high seas to the Vegas Strip. He currently performs sold out shows at one of the top Niagara Falls, Ontario attractions; the Greg Frewin Theatre. Frewin has also appeared on over 35 television programs including NBC’s “World’s Greatest Magic,” ABC’s “Champions of Magic” and his own three-part CBC special “Magic Man: Home for the Holidays.”

Frewin describes his particular brand of magic as a combination of the large-scale illusions made famous by magicians such as David Copperfield with smaller-scale magic tricks. Frewin also enjoys audience participation in his acts, noting that the unpredictability of the people that he brings on stage guarantees that no two shows at his theatre in Niagara Falls will ever be the same.

Frewin’s love of magic began as a teenager in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, a small steel town not far from Niagara Falls. At an early age he began joining local magic clubs and organizations, learning as many principles of the magical arts as possible. With the help of a mentor named Doug Basham, Frewin began to hone the ability to mentally deconstruct illusions that he saw in order to figure out how to recreate them and apply their theories to new illusions of his own creation. He attended college to study woodshop, machining and theatre—learning skills that would prove useful as a performer and as the primary carpenter behind 90% of his own props.

In 2005, after years of performing around the world, Frewin settled near his hometown and opened the $3.5 million dollar Greg Frewin Theatre in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. The dinner theatre seats nearly 700 patrons approximately 250 nights a year for a live magic show including larger than life illusions and exotic animals.

Frewin lives in a rural oasis half an hour outside of Niagara Falls with his wife Alanna, son Benjamin and daughter Megan. They share their estate with many of the animals from Frewin’s stage show including five tigers (Boomer, Cashmere, Angel, Shimira and Shira), one lion (Zeus), one mountain lion (Shiva), countless birds, two German Shepherds (Shadow and Shade), and a Papillion dog named Holly.

In his spare time Frewin enjoys playing golf and dabbling in photography. He also organizes classes every summer and holiday season to teach school children about the wildlife seen in his shows and the proper care of such animals outside of their natural habitats.
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